Mona Singh Private Life MMS Video Clip Gone Viral

Television actress Mona Singh's MMS video has gone viral on internet. 23 seconds long MMS video shows the actress moving from kitchen to another room without wearing clothes. MMS clip shows Mona Singh looking into camera several times making faces and doing naughty stuff as if she is comfortable with the person who is making this video.

People from TV industry say,
This is not Mona Singh, its MMS of some other model who resembles the television actress, its intentionally leaked to tarnish her image
 Mona Singh has filed a legal complaint to investigate about this video and has said;

Yes I am aware about a scandalous video in circulation. At this point of time all I can say is that this a morphed video. I have taken relevant action against this and lodged a complaint at the cyber crime branch and investigation is on.
Mona Singh got fame from "Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi". She also appeared in film "3 Idiots" and she is working now a days in "Kya Hua Tera Vaada". She has been seen dating actor Vidut Jamal.